This is a site designed for my students in ENG374: Writing for the Internet. This is an upper division course in writing at Barry University. It is a sample site for a professional portfolio.

The navigation bar at the top includes suggested pages for building your own professional portfolio, which colloquially it is called “blogfolio.” In order to make this blog platform look more like a web page, I selected a theme that allows me to choose a static front page.

The purpose of this portfolio is to describe and reflect on your academic and professional experiences, your social skills, and potentially your interests in issues of public interest. Thus, your professional portfolio is situated at the intersection of professional, academic, personal, and interpersonal experiences.

The pages in the navigation bar are customizable. You can click on each tab in order to view the content.

The navigation panel on right features the social dimension of this sample blogfolio, showing you some of the possibilities for taking the conventionally static professional portfolio one step further and joining/creating a professional network.

For instance, I included a search functionrecent comments, categories, and a social widget. Each one of these allows me to interact with visitors.

The search function: a mark of usability that allows visitors to find information quite easily;

Recent comments and tag cloud: are meant to increase my interaction with other bloggers or blog guests;

The social widget (you can select any social media icon where you have a web presence): shows my commitment to networks outside this blog platform.

Remember this is a sample site! You are welcome to explore other possibilities.

Thank you for your time and interest!